Alesis announces new Fusion workstations

Fusion – a union by or as if by melting: a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole. The Alesis Fusion has a newly developed synthesizer engine that employs a Coldfire processor surrounded by seven high-performance DSPs. This massively powerful processing core starts by giving you the following four synthesis types: Sample Playback, Analog Modeling, FM and Physical Modeling.

The Fusion’s synthesis engine is whatever you configure it to be. Maybe you just want regular sample playback synthesis for all of your instruments in one song. The next song has sampled drums and an analog synth lead. The song after that is more esoteric and combines physical modeling and FM synthesis along with analog and sample-based synthesis. It all can happen on the Fusion because of our Dynamic DSP Synthesis engine.

The Fusion has a unique new approach to the concept of sample playback synthesis. Unlike our competitors’ sample-based workstations, the Fusion is designed to be extremely flexible. Sounds in the built-in 64MB (comparable to 128MB linear) Flash ROM can be exchanged for other samples that are stored on either Compact Flash or the internal 40 Gigabyte Hard disk. This means you have access to a virtually unlimited library of sounds.

You can also easily create your own custom instruments. The Fusion allows you to sample through the analog inputs, or to load in WAV files from your computer via USB (or Compact Flash) to create your custom soundset.

Our optional E2 memory module allows you to expand internal memory. This will add an additional 128MB of RAM on top of the internal 64MB giving you a total of 192MB of memory for sample playback sounds. Alesis has created a completely new soundset for the Fusion. Our newly developed libraries offer the absolute best collection of top-quality instruments for realistic performance.

The Fusion contains a very flexible virtual analog synth. The VA engine offers three oscillators with ring modulation and lots of flexible routing as well. The engine features multiple types of filters with variable poles to emulate the characteristics of many vintage analog synths. The Fusion also offers in-depth modulation assignments of countless parameters. The VA engine in the Fusion goes far beyond other VA synths—even ones that only do virtual analog synthesis. With the user defined modulation table assignments it’s like having a modular analog synth that can remember all your crazy patch cable routes every time you call up the program.

The Fusion is the first keyboard in Alesis history to offer Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis. This radically different and sonically diverse form of synthesis was introduced in the 70’s and has made a major impact on musicians and producers alike.

It is to be expected that Alesis will present and demonstrate the new Alesis Fusion 6HD and 8HD models at the coming NAMM 2005. More details will follow as soon as the NAMM will start. Check out for more information or click on the links below for our Alesis Fusion productpages.

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