Büro Stelkens releases crusherX-Studio

Büro , proudly presents the new VST plugin crusherX-Studio! for PC Windows. CrusherX-Studio is the pure VST version of the famous crusherX-Live! stand alone granular synth that is developed and worldwide distributed since 1998 by Büro . Based on traditional granular synthesis, crusherX-Studio can be used as a multichannel granular morphing effect on every kind of sound sources. Its powerful vapor synthesis algorithm creates very complex and unheard cool waves that are processed in real-time.

The interface has features like physical modelling faders and the famous physical modelling X/Y-controller. It is more than sound, it is more than music, it is the crusher for your studio!

CrusherX-Studio! features:
The VST 2.3 plugin comes with 97 sound designed presets and 102 real time parameters. Up to 10 separate surround outputs allow extremely impressive sound installations and multichannel compositions. An overall multidimensional morphing system morphs the sound between each parameter changes (e.g. on bank/preset loading or on undo/redo). This creates clouds of sweeping, shifting and graining sounds. Import and export buttons allow parameter exchanging between crusherX-Live! and crusherX-Studio!. crusherXStudio! can be totally synchronized to the bar positions of the host sequencer by new quantization functions.

English, French and German language is supported by the help system and the editor.

CrusherX-Studio! availability and pricing:

CrusherX-Studio! for Windows XP/ME/9X will be available from the crusher-X website www.crusherx.de/studio. A free unlimited runtime shareware and demo download is also available on www.crusherx.de/studio. Full version price for one license is 239,- EUR. All registrated crusherX-Live! can crossgrade for 189,- EUR. Licenses are given via a challenge/response system.

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