Cyndustries announces Mac mini synth module

Apple Computer has just released the Mac mini, a revolutionary new miniature version of its G4 super-computer!

The Cynthia Macintosh

The combination of Mac minis with our new touch-screen controlled liquid crystal color video monitors allows a whole new level of integration between worlds of synthesis!

You can go from your analog modular oscillators and filters – into digital audio effects plug-ins, and then right back to analog, and if you like the results can be recorded right there in your rig – using your favorite digital audio workstation software!

You can even use multiple Mac minis in your system side by side if you like! (Think of the zillions of sound files and play lists you can also have right at your fingertips as you patch!)

We are now developing the Cynthia brand Major Monitor – a color 16:9 aspect ratio LCD screen with built-in stereo audio speaker ports mounted into a one of our six-module wide MegaPanels.

There is also a four-module wide Cynthia brand Medium Monitor displaying the traditional Academy aspect ratio. This allows a complete Macintosh with MIDI to CV conversion and a monitor to fit into a single Cynthia SixPac!

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