CME introduced its UF omnipotent master keyboard

UF keyboard provides 8 knobs, 9 sliders, pitchbend wheel and modulation wheel, and this configuration is almost not available in other Japanese or American product. With UF serise, you can easily control your music as you wish in realtime. And the control buttons such as REC, PLAY, REW, can remotely control your sequencer software in your computer directly, to make your project easy.

Virtual Firewire Synthesizer

UF is the world first firewire expandable all in one master keyboard.Once you connect UF with external tone generator or software synthesizer through the reserved firewire or MIDI plug-in board slot on its rear panel,you will get a powerful and multi-function synthesizer.With the firewire extension board which include professional digital audio function,your UF turned into a mini digital recorder.You will enjoy synthesizer performance,MIDI recording and audio recording when your UF is connected to your computer.

Second Synthesizer in your performance

During a live performance,a single synthesizer will never be enough,and it is very expensive to buy another synthesizer or digital piano,but with a UF,you can connect UF with your synthesizer through a MIDI cable,your dream of performing with 2 synthesizers will come true.but the cost is very low.

New concept intelligent electronic keyboard with realtime controlling

UF keyboard can be combined with automatic accompaniment software,which can increase your fun of playing.Otherwise,the expansionability of UF keyboard is never be available in electronic keyboard.

UF keyboards comes in 4 models:

-UF8: € 599.00

-UF7: € 399.00

-UF6: € 299.00

-UF5: € 199.00

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