Numark announces MP300, dual MP3 CD player

Numark proudly announces the MP300, a professional MP3 mixing solution for club and mobile applications. The MP300, a dual transport CD player that plays MP3 files on CDR media, as well as standard audio CDs, gives the DJ the ability to manipulate and mix two MP3 files in real time. The MP300 includes +/-16% pitch adjustment and professional features such as AntiShockTM buffer memory, direct track access, relay, fader start and track display.

Numark CEO Jack O’Donnell commented, “Numark believes that MP3s offer DJs great flexibility and convenience, and we also believe that DJs should never have to rely on sensitive computer equipment that might not stand up to the rigors of abuse found in club and mobile environments – particularly during a live performance. That’s why we’re offering DJs an MP3 solution that works with existing club, mobile, and studio equipment without the need for a PC.”

The MP300 features the same robust construction as Numark’s renowned line of dual transport CD players. The product also offers a digital output to interface directly with digital gear in clubs, studios, or mobile kits. The MP300 is the lowest priced MP3 compatible dual CD player in the world.

Numark Industries is the world’s leading brand of professional DJ equipment. Numark is known for providing breakthrough products for professional DJs in over 100 countries. Since 1971, Numark has designed and delivered innovative products and numerous industry “firsts.”

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