Roland unveils the V-Synth XT

…No, I am not gonna say: I told you so……

Named the “Synthesizer of the Year” at the 2004 MIPA Awards, Roland’s groundbreaking V-Synth now has a travel-friendly offspring. The XT is a portable new V-Synth with some spectacular tricks up its sleeves — and with enough synthesis and audio-processing power to make heads spin. It’s fully stocked with a potent array of synthesis types, including the V-Synth’s famous Elastic Audio Synthesis engine, plus analog-synth modeling, vocal modeling, and classic D-50 emulation. Add to that a rich lineup of COSM® effects, external audio processing, a touch-sensitive color display, eight universal edit knobs, and you have an instrument that redefines rack/tabletop technology.


-Next-generation V-Synth in rack/tabletop form

-V-Rhythm Mode

-Multi-Step Modulator

-USB streaming audio & MIDI

-VC-1 D-50 card & VC-2 Vocal Modeler card pre-installed

Gearjunkies always tells you the truth :))

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