Gearjunkies Messe 2005 Pictures

Our reporters walked the floors of the Messe for two whole (exhausting) days. They took a lot of pictures for our archives. We can’t show them all, but we give you a selection of them here.

Korg Oasys:

Kurzweil PC161 midi controller:

Nord Stage:

Roland V-Synth XT (Rack):

Korg Kontrol49:

EMU Xboard 25 and Xboard 49:

SmartAV Console:

Dave Smith with the Poly Evolver:

Creamware Minimax ASB:

Numark EFX5000:

Mackie d.2:

Stanton T.80 (new T-series of Turntables):

Gemini IPMX with TT-04 (special editions):

Allen&Heath XONE:3D:

M-Audio Trigger Finger:

Vestax Güber DJ set up:

Roland MV8000 (yes it is Red!)

Novation Remote LE (midicontroller):

Moog Voyager:

Vestax Stagecontrol:

Schippman Ebbe Und Flute synth:

Doepfer Modular Systems (this is not a puzzle!):

Radikal Technologies Spectralis:

Mindprint Trio:

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