How loud can you be? WWAYM competition

WWAYM Team announces a competition – You get a mixdown. You have to show your mastering skills by optimizing it to 0 dB. The result must be as loud as possible but with taste. Quality is your goal. You can use any software or hardware except WWAYM Dynamix to achive the best result. The only condition is that the used software/hardware must be legal because winners will have to explain the chain they used.

Before the winner announcement WWAYM will reproduce the winner’s work by using only WWAYM Dynamix to demonstrate the value of the plugin.

Winners will be chosen by WWAYM’s jury.

1st prize: WWAYM Dynamix + NWSynth + NWRCFil license key

2nd prize: WWAYM Dynamix + NWRCFil license key

3rd prize: WWAYM Dynamix license key


– Competitors must use legal tools!

– Competitors are not allowed to use WWAYM Dynamix!

– Competitors must provide the detailed description of the used tools and the way
they achived the result!

– Competitors agree that WWAYM can publish the list of their tools and the way of their work!

– Competitors must accept the deadline!

– Competitors must provide the file as described below!

– We accept only one file from a competitor!

The jury’s decision is final. Competitors violating the rules will be disqualified.

The deadline is 7 May 2005. Winner will be announced in one week after the deadline.

For more information on how to enter this competition please visit

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