CUBE 2 Spectral morphing resynthesizer released

With the release of CUBE 2 the award winning additive synthesizer Virsyn opens an exciting new world of sound design: take your samples as base material and shape them into an entire new instrument by modifying the spectral evolution of it’s sound characteristic with simple painting operations. The exceptional resynthesis quality of CUBE 2 let you manipulate your samples in ways no sampler can ever dream of!

Here are almost all of the new features of CUBE 2 at a glance:

# Improved Spectral analyzer with selectable algorithms optimized for different sound types

# 600 ready to use presets

# Graphical editor for direct manipulation of the spectral and spatial structure of the sound

# Improved morphing algorithm

# Residual noise generator

# Volume envelope now independent from the Morph envelopes

# Switch off morph envelopes for manual morph control

# Modulation range for morph modulation added

# New modulation sources ‘Breath’ and ‘Expression’

# Editor for MIDI assignment of user interface controllers

# Legato mode for monophonic sounds

# Reset function for source edits and resynth sources.

For more information please visit or check out our Cube 2 product page (link below).

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