MacBeth M5 makes his debut in Frankfurt

meet the MacBeth M5, 32 kilos in weight analog power!

The M5 semi modular synthesizer represents the perfection and evolution of the Macbeth linage of analogue instruments and features a significant array of real-time controls within a true analogue domain – no digital circuitry at all.

3 Voltage Controlled Oscillators – they go Low Frequency too!
Featuring Saw/Square (PW/PWM)/Triangular and Sine waveforms. Frequency control of the Oscillators is by Octave Switching (5 Octaves) a Course Frequency Control slider and by a Fine Frequency Control slider and by +-1V/Octave, ie positive or negative polarity so that you can ‘play the keyboard backwards’ should you want to. There is a four input CV mixer as well as a Voltage Controlled Pulse width input. Prepatched into the oscillators are the two LFO’s, as is Oscillator 2 to Oscillators 1 and 3. Most of this synth is pre-patched in a very similar way to the 2600 synth. There is Oscillator Synch between Oscillators 1 and 2, Oscillator 3 features a ‘Stability’ potentiometer to cause drift inherant of older analogue synths, circa 1970, this control is very subtle, but fattens the sounds up greatly!

2 LFOs with separate Rate controls as well as a Master Rate control, the Dual VC LFO’s also include Sample and Hold and Lag/Slew Processors.

2 Voltage Controlled Filters – The main filter is of the 24dB/Octave
Self-Oscillating Transistor Ladder type and the second, ‘Utility’ Filter is a 12dB/Octave State Variable type that features Low pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch responses. The 24db/Octave Voltage Controlled Filter/Oscillator features a five input Audio Mixer and a five input CV mixer! Again many sources are pre-patched for both Audio and CV.

As with the Oscillators, Filter Control can be both positive and negative in it’s polarity! The Filter features Both Course and Fine tuning sliders as well as a logarythmic Resonance slider that brings the Filter to oscillating a pure Sine wave.

The MacBeth M5 will cost around € 4500 and is availible right now.

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