Schippmann announces the ebbe & flut synth

The Schippman ebbe und flute is a hight quality analog signal processor with two very fat precises VFC’s with 12 different function as its core. A very effective automatic soft knee compressor controllable with only one knob and a very good adjustment properties is part of the device as well as a really musical distortion unit.

The signalchain is completed by a VCA controller by either envelope generators or a noise gate.

Each filter has its own envelope generator ( attack, hold and release ) end is additional controlled either by LFO ( triangle, saw and rectangle ) sample and hold or by the follower voltage.

In additional extra foot pedal can modulate each VCA independently. The resonance modulable too. Moreover, from the input signal a very and flutterfree trigger will be generated as well as under difficult conditions. Any modulations are adjustable in both directions, normal or in reverse.

A lot of external signal and modulation ins and outs provides very flexible and extensive link possibilities to your studio.

More info will be available soon, prices and shipping dates are know known yet.
The model on the Messe is a prototype.

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