LinPlug announces the CronoX3

LinPlug has unveiled the next version of CronoX -> CronoX3 a versatile, 24-voice wavetable/sampling softsynth.

Selected New features:

* A new “Free Filter” with modulatable filter-types (lp/hp/bp/br continuously adjustable and modulatable).

* Full 5.1 support.

* Increased quality of all generator algorithms.

* 4 generators now available simultaneously.

* Loop sampler now has a much bigger preview window and up to 64 samples per generator (velo-crossfade/split and keysplit).

* Tons of new modulation sources and destinations.

* A sophisticated Albino-type arpeggiator.

The CronoX3 will be available in a box including a CD and a comprehensive printed manual (english) from your favourite store. It comes with more than 700 presets.

The suggested retail price is not yet fixed. For mroe information visit

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