Wizoo releases WizooVerb W2

There are reverbs and then there are reverbs. There are the garden-variety reverbs thrown in with most hardware and software these days. Then there are the kind that really qualify as professional tools—typically with a price tag to match. WizooVerb W2 is truly a world-class processor that surpasses other software and hardware reverbs, and at an incredible value. WizooVerb W2 owes its incredible sound to the combination of separate reverb technologies, each of which is awesome in it’s own right. And flexible structure and editing puts it totally over the top as a sound design tool.

HDIR – High-Definition Impulse Response:

WizooVerb W2’s exceptionally faithful reproductions of known acoustic spaces owes to HDIR (High-Definition Impulse Response), a Wizoo exclusive. Like IR, it basically works by firing calibrated noise sources into the desired acoustic space and capturing and convolving the ambient return to take the aural fingerprint of the room.

AIR – Algorithmic Reverb:

Wizoo’s proprietary A.I.R. technology brings you algorithmic reverb in the same package as HDIR and IR. Here you have complete control over parameters such as tail delay, room size, ambience, density and color.

Mix and Match – The Best of Both Worlds:

WizooVerb W2 allows you to choose between HDIR/IR and A.I.R. technologies separately for early reflections and reverb tail. For the ultimate realism, you might choose an HDIR model for the early reflections and fine-tune the reverb tail with the malleable algorithmic parameters offered by A.I.R.

From Presets to Sound Design:

Despite its sophistication, WizooVerb W2 is extremely simple to use. Start by choosing any of the 100 presets, either by name or category. You’ll find several common controls right up front for instant access to the most important parameters like size, pre-delay and time. Shape the overall frequency characteristics with the 4-band master EQ. Change HDIR rooms. Edit imported IR envelopes. Tweak the A.I.R. parameters.

Supported Formats:

VST 2.0 (Win/Mac), RTAS (Win/Mac), AU (Mac), standalone

For more information on WizooVerb W2 please check out our product page (link below) or visit www.wizoo.com

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