The Gearjunkies Network opens The Kitchen!

As of today, Gearjunkies have opened their discussion forum site: The Kitchen! Using new and innovative technology for future Gearjunkies, the Kitchen is the first of many services that will be available for the real Gearjunkies 😉

Part of the next version of Gearjunkies is the Gearjunkies Network. We want your Gearjunkies account to be as powerful as possible, so we integrated advanced authentication technology from Cozmanova that lets you use your Gearjunkies Network account on multiple websites. First of all you can use your Gearjunkies Network account on Gearjunkies, but also to participate in the discussion forums on The Kitchen.

One of the main reasons reasons of existence of Gearjunkies is our overload of ideas. The Gearjunkies Network is the next big thing happening on Gearjunkies, and it will open the way for a lot more cool and fun features. Stay hooked, and happy chatting in the Kitchen!

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