New EAR Group joins forces in modulair synth design

Electro-Acoustic Research is a newly formed consortium of modular synth designers. EAR Group are Livewire, Oakley Sound Systems and Plan B. Products are being developed, orders will not be accepted until the products are released and stocked.

Formerly residing on the fringes of accepted electronic design conventions, Livewire Electronics is known for producing unique and unorthodox devices. If you are looking for distinctive and sometimes slightly bizarre synth modules to fill out your cabinet, you’ve come to the right place.

Oakley Sound Systems
Oakley is the exclusive manufacturer and reseller of the fine line of Oakley Sound Systems modules in MOTM and Doepfer formats. These instruments will be available as completed units only and not as kits. While their initial offering is limited to the modules listed on their site, in short time many others from the Legacy range will be added.

Plan B
Electro-Acoustic Research is happy to announce an expanded range from Plan B. Three new modules, the Model 12 Vactrol Filter, the Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate and the Model 17 Event Timer, wil be availiable on the date of the initial launch, with the Model 18 Output System and MIlton Sequencer series (along with others TBA) coming soon afterward.

More information on the EAR Group is available at their website.

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