Steinberg and MI7 introduce Student Versions!

Steinberg Student Versions can now be purchased with up to 35% discount with a limitation of 1 pcs. per person. Music students can purchase Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase SX or extend their favourite recording software package of their choice with top quality Virtual Instruments like e.g. Steinberg HALion, The Grand 2 or/and Virtual Bassist to improve their home studio situation and enhance the possibilities of their study.

Next to Steinberg full retail versions and educational (EE) versions ment for institutes like music schools, conservatories and other music education institutes like the SAE and Schools for Multimedia etc., Steinberg introduces so called Student Versions ~ software packages especially ment for full time Music Students attending any music, music production or engineering/production course.

Registration of the software is non-tranferable to others! For more information please visit the MI7 website.

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