Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v.5.1.1.

Altiverb is a sampled acoustics Reverb plugin for that offers stunningly realistic one, two and four channel sampled acoustics of real halls, cathedrals, bathrooms and virtually any real acoustic environment. Included are dozens of acoustic samples ranging from the Amsterdam Concertgebouw to bathrooms and closets.

Altiverb 5.1.1. improvements:
* Minimal system requirements are now Mac OS 10.3 (OS X Panther)
* Improved authorizing messages
* Altiverb 5 informs user when it cannot find IR’s (impulse responses, the acoustic samples)
* Altiverb 5 now recognizes channel indicators in file names correct when file name uses an extension (i.e. myvenue.L.wav)
* Solved possible crashing bug when bouncing to disk with multiple chuncks availble
* Solved crashing bug in AS when selecting incompatible channel config

This free update can be downloaded at the Audio Ease website (it’s a full installer, it will overwrite an existing Altiverb 5 and it weights around 37 MB).

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