Bias Inc. releases Perfection Suite bundle as seperate bundle

BIAS Inc. announced that the Master Perfection Suite, a powerful collection of six plug-ins for mastering and sound design, will be available in Q1 of 2006 for Audio Units, DirectX, RTAS, and VST host applications on Mac OS X and Windows XP. BIAS first released the Master Perfection Suite last month as part of Peak Pro XT 5, an extended technology edition of Peak Pro 5 that also includes the acclaimed SoundSoap and SoundSoap Pro audio restoration tools. While currently compatible within Peak Pro 5, the Master Perfection Suite will soon be offered as a separate product with universal plug-in host compatibility on Mac OS X and Windows XP.

The Master Perfection Suite includes: Repli-Q (spectral/EQ matching), PitchCraft (pitch correction/manipulation), Reveal (seven tool analysis suite), Sqweez-3 & -5 (linear phase multi-band compressor/limiter/expander), SuperFreq (new edition of the 4,6,8, and 10-band parametric equalizer suite), and GateEx (gate/downward expander). The plug-ins were designed from the ground up by carefully listening to professional user feedback and they offer more features and many user interface improvements over other plug-ins in their class. While excellent for use within Peak Pro 5, they will be equally useful in third party DAWs for their high quality, ease of use, and relative affordability.

Pricing & Availability:
Peak Pro XT 5, which includes Peak Pro 5, the Master Perfection Suite plus SoundSoap and SoundSoap Pro, is available now through authorized BIAS dealers and distributors worldwide for $1199 US list. The Master Perfection Suite will be available separately in Q1 2006 and pricing will be announced upon release. Upgrades from Peak Pro XT 5 to the Master Perfection Suite with AU, DirectX, RTAS, and third party VST host compatibility will be free of charge when available. Cross-grades to Peak Pro XT 5 from other editions of Peak are also available — visit the BIAS web site for additional details.

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