Cycling 74 releases Hipno plugin bundle

Cycling 74 has announced the release of Hipno 1.0, a new suite of over forty effect and instrument plug-ins for VST, AU and RTAS host applications. Hipnos objective is to make advanced audio technology intuitive, powerful, and fun. You will get the extraordinary features you have come to expect from Cycling 74 such as host synchronization and modulator plug ins for automated parameter control. But Hipno goes a step further, adding plug-ins that can be controlled with motion tracking derived from a live webcam, XML preset import/export, and references instantly available from within each plug-in.

Some highlights of the Hipno collection include:
* Morphulescence: a cascaded bank of LFO-modulated morphing filters.
* Vsynth: a plug-in that uses a live video feed as the spectral source for synth inspirations.
* Deluge: a quartet of granular processing engines wrapped into one package.
* Shypht: a pitch-shifting effects system enlivened by pitch quantization, filtering, and feedback looping.
* VcolorTrack and Modulator Vmotion: a pair of modulator plug-ins to morph and control Hipno, Mode, or Pluggo plug-ins using video color or motion tracking.

In addition to the host-sync capabilities and the ability to use Cycling ’74’s modulator plug-ins for control, many of the Hipno plug-ins offer the unique Hipnoscope interface to create, control, and explore complex preset morphs and interpolations with a flick of the wrist.

Hipno will be available very soon for a MSRP of $199 from Cycling ’74 and its retail dealers.

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