Digidesign introduces the Neyrinck SoundCode

Digidesign is pleased to introduce the Neyrinck SoundCode for Dolby Digital plug-in suite for Digidesign Pro Tools|HD systems. Tightly integrated with Pro Tools software, the Neyrinck SoundCode for Dolby Digital plug-in suite provides mastering-quality workflow tools that enable the encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio directly within Pro Tools software, without the need for dedicated Dolby hardware.

The SoundCode Encoder, which operates as an AudioSuite™ plug-in, offers a fast way to encode audio as AC-3 and WAV files from a Pro Tools session—ready for use with DVD audio or video authoring applications, CD burning applications, or any other application that uses the Dolby Digital standard.

The SoundCode Decoder functions as either a real-time RTAS® or HTDM plug-in, or a non-real-time AudioSuite plug-in. The real-time SoundCode Decoder allows users to decode and monitor audio during Pro Tools session playback for mastering-quality confidence monitoring. Using SoundCode as an AudioSuite plug-in, users can decode all or a portion of an audio file faster than real time, or view the metadata of an AC-3 file.

– Encoding
* Tight integration within the Pro Tools environment
* Faster-than-real-time encoding
* Punch In/Out feature to save time when fixing an existing AC-3 file
* Support for AC-3 time code file format
* Simultaneous import for confidence monitoring
* Support for Bitstream Extensions Metadata

– Decoding:
* Real-time decoding
* AudioSuite faster-than-real-time decoding
* Confidence monitoring
* Extensive metadata display
* Decoding synchronized to Pro Tools video playback system
* Downmix and listening modes to simulate consumer listening environments
* Output level metering
* CRC error detection

For more information, visit at Digidesign’s website.

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