Open labs announces NeKo Gen2 workstations

Open Labs today announced the release of the first Athlon 64-bit dual-core keyboards, the NeKo64 Gen2, a powerful new version of the NeKo line, and the NeKo LET Gen2. Boasting a 2.0 GHz Athlon dual-core 64-bit processor, the NeKo64 Gen2 maintains the NeKo64’s legacy as the most powerful production stations available, by providing the latest generation of advanced processors, while substantially lowering the price.

Available now, the NeKo64 Gen 2 and NeKo LET Gen 2 offer a host of new features that enable performers and producers alike to leverage the NeKo for both live and studio applications, including:

* RunSilent feature dynamically controls CPU speed and reduces temperature and fan speeds when ultra quiet operation in required
* PowerRush technology intelligently detects system load and automatically boosts performance for the most demanding tasks by increasing CPU clock speed on the fly
* Serial ATA 3Gb/s support for next generation hard drives that doubles current bus bandwidth for high-speed data transfers

Featuring a new color scheme, the new NeKos will initially be available in 61-key and 76-key versions. Both models are shipping today; the NeKo64 Gen 2 will list for $5,995 and the NeKo LET Gen 2 will list for $2,295.

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