TC Electronic takes over worldwide distribution of its TDM Plug-ins

On the heels of introducing a new series of long-awaited System 6000 stereo plug-ins for Pro Tools HD, TC Electronic announced today that it will be taking over worldwide distribution of all its TDM plug-ins going forward. With the new TDM plug-ins, TC Electronic makes a strong contribution to the Pro Tools platform and continues the pioneering work that started a decade ago.

Effective immediately, distribution of Master X3 will switch from Digidesign to TC Electronic and TC Tools will be discontinued.

With the four new TDM plug-ins from System 6000, some of the most sophisticated dynamics, reverbs and effects processing algorithms for mixing and mastering will be available for the Pro Tools platform.

TC Electronic expects VSS3 (EUR 795 retail ex. VAT) to ship in October 2005, MD3 (EUR 1295 retail ex. VAT) to ship late November 2005, and DVR2 (EUR 595 retail ex. VAT) and NonLin2 (EUR 495 retail ex. VAT) to ship during the first months of 2006.

Master X3 is a mastering plug-in for Pro Tools that is the virtual incarnation of the TC Electronic Finalizer. It supports Pro Tools 24 Mix and HD and can operate at sample rates up to 96kHz.

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