LiveSlice 1.2 released

This release includes some fixes to the workflow improvements in the 1.12 release, a few user submitted feature requests, and ensures even greater stability and compatibility through a number of important bugfixes.

Note that since the 1.12 release was not advertised in the news section, the upcoming news item will include all changes since 1.1. The list below only include the changes since the 1.12 release.

New features:
* Clear button to clear arrangements and / or loops
* trigger individual slices from arranger tracks
– use all the parameters when midi triggering.
* configurable maximum attack and release times (up to 1 second)
* Zoom by dragging in the slicer (hold down both mouse buttons)
* Manual updated

* midi note off messages handled incorrectly in controllers – fixed
* fixed problem with triggering and quantizing empty tracks
* When a file has been loaded, it is deselected in the browser
* When you load only slices, the fileName is not changed
* event durations visualized, when attack and release times are changed
* track parameters are now redrawn properly on midi control changes
* some other fixes

More information at the LiveLab website.

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