Wave Arts announces new version of MASTERVERB 5

Go from small rooms to vast spaces and create the perfect ambience. MasterVerb 5 is a multiple algorithm reverb that covers all the bases. Now includes early reflection controls, multiple late reverb algorithms (including a true plate reverb) and envelope control. Still the best sounding, most efficient software reverb, now with a vast palette of sounds

* NEW- Early reflection section: halls, rooms, plates, chambers, echo, cathedral, nightclub, ping-pong
* NEW- Two late reverb types: a silky smooth hall and a lush plate algorithm
* NEW- 3-band EQ for controlling early and late frequency response to simulate a vast range of damping characteristics- anything from muffled to warm and mel! low to a bright sizzle
* NEW- Triggered envelope control for special effects such as gated and reverse reverb
* NEW- Stunning new visual interface design including a 3-D frequency response plot, time response plot, and early/late damping EQ responses
* NEW- Brand new presets and enhanced preset management
* NEW- Up to 192K support
* Automate any control via compatible host applications

MasterVerb 5 is available for an introductory price of $174.95. Visit the Wave Arts website for more information including upgrade information and free demos!

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