New Bigfoot MIDI controller from Suzuki

It’s a gigantic piano keyboard sculptured from perfectly proportioned oversized foam piano keys. They snap together to form one, two, even three full chromatic octaves! Step on any key and play a perfectly formed, in tune note. Play melodies, chords, songs with one student or the whole class. It’s fun, yet educational. It’s an acoustic teaching tool that’s a blast to use.

Bigfoot is a wonderful new way to show your students how to build a scale or chord — literally! The soft, lightweight black and white foam keys are easily handled by even the youngest children. Each key is not only labeled with its primary note, but indicates the next upper and lower note with octave position, so your students can have fun putting the keyboard together without supervision.

Building Blocks of Music Education

It’s like a giant puzzle the whole class can get involved in assembling. Put away and store Bigfoot in seconds with included storage box with handle. Does not require any maintenance. Step right up to the fun learning experience we call Bigfoot. The economical way to learn your DO-RE-MI’s!

And this nice twister meets midi is all yours for just $179.00. Who wants a Memorymoog under the tree if you know you can have this!

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