Doepfer announces A100 CV/gate Keyboard

Doepfer announces for 2006 two A-100 keyboards with CV and Gate outputs.

Both keyboards can be used as stand alone devices with external 9V power supply and in/outputs at the keyboard or in combination with an A-100 frame. In this case a multicore cable is used to power the keyboard from the A-100 frame and the Gate, CV and Midi outputs are available at an A-100 front panel too.

Probably six buttons with assigned LEDs and a three digit display are used to adjust the keyboard parameters, e.g. assign and retrigger mode, transpose, Midi channel and so on. The Midi output is intended in the first place to drive the A-100 keyboard/sequencer controller that is in the planning stage, but can be used to control other Midi equipment too (but the keyboards are not Midi keyboards in the first place).

Two A-100 keyboards with CV and Gate outputs are planned for end of 2005/early 2006.

The keyboard with standard keys will be probably equipped with Gate, CV1 (pitch), CV2 (velocity), CV3 (after touch) and Midi out. The electronics inside the keyboard can be used in combination with 2, 3, 4 or 5 octave keyboards. But only one version (probably 4 octaves) will be available with a suitable metal case. The other versions will be available only as OEM products without housing and the housing has to be built by the customer.

An additional controller box that will be probably equipped with 2 wheels, a joy-stick, some buttons and switches is in the planning stage. The box will have the same depth and height as the normal keyboard case and can be mounted next to the keyboard. It will be probably equipped with CV/gate and Midi outputs.

It can be used in combination with one of the keyboards or as a stand-alone unit to control both analog equipment (four CV outputs controlled by the wheels and joy-stick, some gate outputs controlled by the buttons or switches) and Midi equipment as well. We also think about the possibility to add some inputs for foot switches and foot controllers.

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