MOTU releases free upgrade for Symphonic Instrument

Now available for download at the MOTU website, Symphonic Instrument Version 1.1 is a free update to all registered users. Version 1.1 offers significant new features and enhancements available in both the new stand-alone version and the plug-in.

# Stand-alone application – you can now operate Symphonic Instrument by itself, without a host program. Turn your Mac or PC into a dedicated orchestra ensemble, ready and waiting for the wave of your baton.
# Disk streaming – sample data can now be streamed from disk, instead of always being loaded into RAM, significantly reducing load time and freeing up large amounts of RAM for other software.
# 64 parts – the Symphonic Instrument window now lets you load up to 64 different instruments simultaneously, offering you unprecedented flexibility and convenience in creating ensembles of any size.
# 64 MIDI channels – four separate banks of 16 MIDI channels each let you assign all 64 parts to their own MIDI channel.
# Multiple outputs – each part (instrument) can be assigned to one of 17 separate output pairs for sub-mixing, separate effects processing and a variety of other applications.

The free upgrade download is available at the MOTU website.

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