Sampletank 2.1 available for download

The highly requested SampleTank 2.1 free update for SampleTank 2 L/XL software is finally available and can be downloaded now from the IK User Area for all Users who qualify.

SampleTank® 2.1 is the long awaited update to the powerful SampleTank 2 sample workstation. Featuring many new enhancements, SampleTank 2.1 has once again raised the standard for multi-channel sample based software instruments. The new synth engine of SampleTank 2.1 has greatly expanded its control and capabilities, with improved features like:
* Enhanced STRETCH™ engine with separate algorithms for multi-sampled and phrase sounds and additional timbral control features.
* Improved Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch now includes grain control for better compatibility with a wider range of sounds.
* Now available as a stand-alone application, for immediate playing, so you don’t have to launch a host application when all you want to do is play SampleTank.
* Can create complex 16 part splits and layers with the new Range controls.
* Syncable LFOs, 16 assignable stereo outputs and more are just some of the new features implemented in the new synth engine.
* Expanded 6.5 GB sound library, in every instruments’ category, featuring all your SampleTank favorites, plus over 2 GB of new samples, creating a massive sound library.

Access the IK User Area to update to the newly enhanced SampleTank 2.1 by visiting the IK Multimedia website.

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