Yellowtools starts shipping Independence

Independence is the ultimate sonic workstation and combines both technologies of Samplers and Virtual Instruments to one creative and inspiring software. Yellowtools starts shipping Independence on december 8th.

With yellow tools Independence you will be able to use, edit, customize and manipulate your instruments in a single familiar environment. Any instrument specific settings can also get assigned to all other loaded instruments and any kind of customization is now possible as everything is available in the same software.
With yellow tools’s A.I.T. (Advanced Instrument Technology) you are entering by far the fastest, most powerful and easiest way of performing, customizing and creating pristine instruments on your computer.
The results are more th! an impressive and make Independence unique right from the beginning.
You have access to hundreds of totally customized, music related features and an absolutely unmatched performance. The intuitive user interface, the unique file management, an ultra fast streaming integration and the Auto-RAM-Cleaner allow you to load unlimited instruments in seconds.

One of the most spectacular highlights is the Impulse Response processor “Origami LE”, which is already integrated in Independence. With Origami LE you get one of the fastest and most powerful tools for the use and manipulation of Impulse Response files, including newly sampled cathedrals, churches and other rooms from the fantastic “INSP:IR” Impulse Response Library from Inspired Acoustics.

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