Focusrite announces free v2.0 upgrade for Saffire audio interface

Focusrite recently released a v2.0 software upgrade for Saffire, the cutting-edge mobile firewire audio interface with onboard DSP. This software is free for owners of the Saffire and is available for download from the Focusrite site.

The fantastic upgrade is a must for all Saffire users, and includes:
• Enhanced 192kHz and Firewire operation
• Improved graphics contrast – even easier navigation through SaffireControl
• Rollover help for SaffireControl in the form of Tool tips – Simply place your mouse over any function and an explanation of that function appears on screen.
• Bug removal – We’ve been testing Saffire for a long time and will continue to do so. We aim to ensure all bugs are discovered and resolved in double-quick time.
• Improved identifiability of Mute, Solo Dim and Hardware control buttons (within the output mix sections), using a bright and clear colour scheme

Get the Free download at Focusrite.

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