BIAS announces the Master Perfection Suite

BIAS announced today that the Master Perfection Suite, a powerful ensemble of six professional audio processing plug ins, will be shipping in March 2006 for AU, DirectX, RTAS, and VST host applications on Mac OS X and Win XP.

Initially introduced as part of the flagship Peak Pro XT 5 — an extended technology edition of the industry standard stereo waveform editor which also includes the popular SoundSoap and SoundSoap Pro audio restoration tools — the Master Perfection Suite is aimed at musicians, recording and mastering engineers, audio and video editors, sound designers and other audio professionals.

The suite includes: Repli-Q (spectral matching), PitchCraft (pitch correction, manipulation), Reveal (analysis), Sqweez-3 & -5 (multi-band dynamic processing), SuperFreq (parametric EQ), and GateEx (gate/expander).

“At under $100 US per plug-in, the Master Perfection Suite offers amazing power, sonic quality, and value — especially when compared to other professional plug-in bundles and many single plug-in packages on the market”, said Jason E. Davies, VP Sales & Marketing for BIAS, Inc. “Owners of other plug-in bundles or collections included with their favorite DAW will especially appreciate the Master Perfection Suite as a valuable addition to their arsenal of audio processing tools.”

Pricing & Availability:
The Master Perfection Suite — currently bundled with the Peak Pro XT Edition ($1199 US SRP) — will be available separately in March 2006 for $599 US, and $399 US for the academic edition, through authorized BIAS resellers and distributors worldwide. Upgrades to the Master Perfection Suite with AU, DirectX, RTAS, and VST host compatibility will be free of charge for all Peak Pro XT customers. Visit the BIAS website for additional details.

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