Mackie Mixing Tools for Tracktion 2

Introducing the new Mackie Mixing Tools – six powerful mixing plug ins for the Tracktion 2 boxed retail bundle. Best of all, if you are a proud owner of the boxed Tracktion 2 Music Production Software bundle, all six are yours for FREE!

MRVB-1: Studio Reverb
Simulate the effect of playing in a small garage with a concrete floor, or pretend you’re the headliner at a concert hall with the great-sounding MRVB-1 stereo reverberation plug-in for Tracktion 2. Control features include an independent input trim, stereo/mono blend, pre-delay, room size selection, decay, damping, diffusion, roll off, dry gain, output gain, and metering. Complete with a three-band EQ and a slick graphic user interface.

SP-1: Stereo Panner Plus
The SP-1 Stereo Panner Plus plug-in for Tracktion 2 goes a long way beyond the standard balance stereo pan pot. Boldly use it for Tremolo, Vibrato and Rotary Cabinet effects, or get totally crazy with AutoPan and modulate the stereo panning via an independent multi-wave LFO. Or sync the AutoPan to MIDI clock for hands-free, tempo appropriate panning effects. You can even choose any point in the stereo field as the cycle starting point. Tons of fun, this plug-in lets you “get-your-tweak-on” to produce a virtually infinite number of interesting audible sensations.

CM-1 & CS-1: Mono & Stereo Compressors
Use the CM-1 and CS-1 mono and stereo compressor plug-ins for Tracktion 2 to make vocals ride comfortably on top of the mix, achieve perfectly ambient, classic-sounding drums, punch up your bass guitar track, or for anything else needing some dynamic intervention. Comprehensive controls include input trim, threshold, attack and release times, ratio, and output gain. Their intuitive graphic interfaces clearly display compressor settings, input and output meters, and overall gain reduction. Use factory presets, then fine-tune them for your needs, and even save your own presets for recall in other projects.

EQ6M & EQ6S: 6-Band Mono & Stereo Multi-Mode EQs
If you need additional EQ in your Tracktion 2 project, the EQ6M and EQ6S mono and stereo multi-mode EQs are the answer. Each provides 6-bands of frequency, gain and “Q” control with parametric and shelf mode selection for ultimate control. Bands 1 and 6 even offer high- and low-pass filter modes, respectively. Dedicated input and output meters let you keep levels in check while you dial in sweet tone to your heart’s content.

These plug-ins work only with Tracktion 2, and will not work with any other VST host applications you may have on your computer. They are included FREE for registered owners of the boxed Tracktion 2 product.
To download these FREE plug ins, just login to your Mackie account. And if you haven’t picked up your boxed Tracktion 2 bundle yet, now is the time to join the Tracktion Revolution. Find your favorite Tracktion dealer and start making music — faster and easier — today.
For more information please visit the Mackie website.

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