Open Labs announces new workstation the NiKo

Miko is an entirely new class of portable multimedia production and playback instrument.

This Portable Media Workcenter is specifically designed for the modern-day electronic artist and todays digital lifestyle.

MiKo is a complete Windows XP based audio and video production station, DJ and music performances instrument, as well as a complete hone theater center including digital 7.1 surround sound and dual component video outputs capable of higher than HD resolutions. Full compatible with the most portable media players including iPods, digital cameras and camcorders, MiKo can handle it all.

Whether your in the studio, on stage, doing video productions, at an all-night DJ session, or just kicking back watching your favorite DVD, MiKo can do it all in style.

Capable of running you favorite Windows XP based music applications and the most industry standard plug-in sound and audio files, the MiKo is ready to make music anytime you like.

A robust suite of software and over 5000 presets sounds are included. MiKo is the portable powerhouse studio that you have been waiting for. Up to 500 note polyphonic, 24bit/96KHz audio, record over 15 hours straight, run over 200 plug-ins at once and a true open platform, you’ve never had it so good.

MiKo is designed with the modern DJ in mind. The use of computers in music are more prevalent than ever. However, todays DJs have had to resort the use of under powered laptops and a variety of controllers and audio I/O to create a solution that works the way they need them to.

No more will todays DJ artist have to put up with the complexity and inadequacy of pieces together solutions. MiKO is the ultimate Composition, Remixer and Preformance Instrument.

The dedicated Dj control section provides total control over your mixes. Knobs for low-cut, hight-cut and gain for both left and right channels, a headphone mix knob, buttons for both channels and a professional quality graphite-travel cross fader from Penny & Gilles are included.

Professional 4in/6out 24/96 audio section featuring 2 front access mic/inst preamp inputs with 48v phantom power, dual channel headphone output with ability to sent a Cue and main mix ans 2 additional TRS line ins / 6 balanced TRS line outs are included.

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