Major update for Rayzoon Jamstix

Rayzoon Technologies is pleased to announce the release of update 1.5 for its virtual drummer VSTi Jamstix.

This update implements the following enhancements:
* reduced interface CPU usage through reduced refresh frequency and optimization
* improved repeat GUI load speed in hosts that destroy the GUI whenever it is closed (i.e. Cubase)
* improved speed of repeat mapping load
* added 6 accents and 14 rhythms
* added ‘Stereo Width’ control to the output tab to adjust stereo separation
* added ‘Shaping’ control to the output tab which allows modifying the ambience sound by reducing ambience delay
* added ’16th Shuffle’ control and character
* added ‘Auto-Load’ option to sample list. If enabled, changing the snare, hihat closed or ride sound will cause Jamstix to automatically try to find and load sounds of the same name for the other sounds of the same class
* added ‘Filter’ option to the sample list. When active, the sample list will be reduced to applicable samples only, simplifying selection
* added checkbox to load rhythm dialog to keep rhythms from changing current state of accent and cymbals sliders
* added Hihat control to the fill selector dialog to choose between normal, off and semi mode for rhythm hihats during a fill for each bar. Previously you could only choose between off and semi for the whole arrangement via jam habits.
* improved hihat choking with internal sounds and hihat open notes now suppress closed hats for the duration of an eighth to avoid the ‘weirdly choked’ sound in 16th hihat patterns
* added MIDI feedback loop protection. If a loop is detected, a warning message is shown in the status bar and the MIDI input processing is suspended until ‘Manual Jam’ is pressed again.
* minor visual enhancements in the rhythm tab
* added jamstix.ini command ‘MaxTrim’ to control the max range of the input trim knob (default=200)
* added VST automation parameters ’16th Shuffle’,’Character’,’Min Velocity’ and ‘Max Velocity’
* MIDI-Out Only setting is now stored in the project data
* added target icon next to output slider (checked by default). If checked, changes to the output selection will affect all sounds of the same class
* moving the mouse over the mapping name now displays the full-length name in the status bar
* added lock icon to output selection slider in the mapping tab to keep the current output matrix even after a new mapping is loaded
* added secondary function to PASTE command in rhythm tab: if the CTRL key is held when clicking on the button, the current rhythm is pasted to the next slot and Jamstix advances to that rhythm. This allows fast cloning and altering of several variants of a rhythm.
* PASTE rhythm select box now shows names and uses a list box for selection
* rhythm locking no longer resets the bar counter so bar/tick host synch is still provided during the lock
* moving away from the rhythm tab with the rhythm lock on will return Jamstix to normal play but will automatically return back to locked rhythm play when the rhythm tab is selected again.
* when using external VSTi, rimshots sounds are now routed to the snare head sound if no rimshot mapping is present
* added arrows to sound list in mapping tab to be able to step without having to open list repeatedly
* end of fill and rhythm change crash now uses both crash sounds
* if a liveloop ends with an ending, Jamstix now switches liveloops off and stops playing after the ending
* added ini option ‘LateWSLoad’ to postpone the internal sample loading during Jamstix launch until the first Play command from the host.
* removed ‘Tempo Filter’ automation parameter. Jamstix now always disables the tempo filter while the host is playing allowing one filter event per play cycle
* when probed by the fxpansion VST/RTAS wrapper, Jamstix no longer attempts to load its support files
* added ‘TempoOffset’ parameter to jamstix.ini file which can be used to offset the tempo synch
* fixed noises during data load in some hosts
* CS sounds are no longer routed to output #4 when ambience is routed to #4
* removed black focus rectangles in the Jamstix interface when used in Tracktion

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