CreamWare announces dynatube guitar amplifier plugins

CreamWare is introducing their Dynatube Guitar Amplifier Plug-Ins, a set of precision models of favourite classic guitar amps for the SCOPE platform.

Following a “quality , not quantity” approach, the Dynatube package consists of four amp models – the Dynatube JM (a Marshall JCMTM replica), the Dynatube FT (a Fender TwinTM replica), the Dynatube VX (a Vox AC30TM replica) and the Dynatube MB (a Mesa/Boogie TM Dual Rectifier TM replica).

The Dynatube plugins model not only the genuine sound of the respective amps, but also their dynamic behaviour. This enables players to “play” and interact with their amp plugins in a very dynamic way, just like with the analog hardware amps. Dynatube also faithfully emulates the sound of different speaker and microphone setups. Included with the Dynatube Guitar Amplifier Ensemble is also the Vinco DT plugin, a warm sounding and easy to control vintage compressor. The integration into the SCOPE platform allows the player to add any further effects available on the SCOPE platform, pre or post amp. Like all synths and effects on the SCOPE DSP platform, the Dynatube ensemble operates without any latency.

The Dynatube Guitar Amplifier set containing JM, FT, VX and MB will be shipping within April 2006 and retails for 189 EUR. Single Dynatube models, priced at 69 EUR each, are available as well.

Read more about the Dynatube models on CreamWare’s Dynatube website at

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