Digidesign shipping news

Digidesign is pleased to announce that the Hybrid high-definition synthesizer plug-in is now shipping. Developed by the Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research group, Hybrid is a high-definition software synthesizer for Pro Tools systems that combines the warmth of classic analog waveforms with digital wavetables to produce everything from traditional synth sounds to modern digital textures never heard before.

Next to the Hybrid Digidesign is excited to announce that the DV Toolkit(tm) 2 option for Pro Tools LE(tm) systems is now shipping. Building on the popular DV Toolkit, DV Toolkit 2 provides an even larger collection of tools for producing high-end sound for film or video. DV Toolkit 2 is the perfect solution for users who want access to many of the post production features of Pro Tools|HD(r), but in a smaller, more portable solution. Paired with a ProTools LE system, DV Toolkit 2 provides a cost-effective entry to the world of sound for film.

Also shipping is the Digidesign(r) Music Production Toolkit software expansion option. With the Music Production Toolkit, users can take advantage of an impressive collection of plug-ins and enhanced editing tools, increased track count, and the ability to easily export mixes as MP3 files. Whether you use Pro Tools(r) for composing, editing, mixing, remixing, or all of the above, the Music Production Toolkit includes a full range of professional music tools that expand the creative power of your Pro Tools LE(tm) or Pro Tools M-Powered(tm) system.

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