Kore: chapter 4 – Play sounds live

Imagine using the whole power of your software instruments live on stage. Do you perform live? Do you want to swap seamlessly between instruments and between presets while playing live? Do you want re-call various complex instrument and effect set-ups, with individual key splits and layers, all without touching a mouse but still retaining complete, hands-on control?

The Solution: KORE – The Perfect Live Host – In stand-alone mode, KORE becomes an extraordinarily powerful live performance environment that transforms all your Audio Unit and VST plug-ins into stage-ready, tactile instruments and effects.

In stand-alone mode just as within a sequencer, KORE unites all your instruments and effects into a single, intuitive interface. And the KORE hardware gives you complete hands-on control. But that is just the beginning. The innovative live performance features deliver the possibilities that musicians playing live have long been waiting for.

With KORE it is particularly easy to create different instrument and effect set-ups for your live performances. These set-ups can even contain ingenious split and layer combinations and you can swap seamlessly between different set-ups on-the-fly.

As an example, for the intro of a song you need a pulsating ABSYNTH pad whereas for the verse you want a bass in the lower keyboard range and an electric piano in the upper. For the chorus you want additional effect samples in the top octave that you can trigger from KONTAKT 2. Under normal circumstances this would present quite a challenge, especially when attempting to control everything on-the-fly, but with KORE it’s easy.

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