Total MIDI control for old skool Roland synths

The Interpreter is a small box which can be connected between any MIDI controller and a Roland JX-8P, alpha Juno1, alpha Juno2, HS-10, HS-80, MKS-50, MKS-70 or MKS-80 synthesizer.

In that case your synthesizer will have a total new control change implementation, making it easy to control almost every tone parameter using control change messages. Something which was not possible before, because those old Roland synthesizers would only listen to complicated sysex messages. And that’s exactly what The Interpreter does: converting control change messages to sysex messages.

Features are:

-1 MIDI in, 1 MIDI out/thru
-1 mode selection button
-6 LEDs to indicate current selected mode
-sending controllers to lower and upper in single and in dual mode
-step conversion from 100 to 127 for MKS-80 resulting in a better knob feeling

The Interpreter costs 75 euros incl. VAT

More info on: Cox electronics

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