MI7 distributes the SSL Duende plugin

If you ever dreamed about owning an SSL mixing console in your (project) studio, but could not afford one (or do not have space for it), now there is Duende, SSLs first entry in the digital workstation world. Based on the DSP technology of the companys famous C-Series digital consoles, Duende is a 19 inch (1-Unit) FireWire (1394A) 400MBit rackmount processor that allows you to use premium-grade, SSL plug-ins directly in your favorite DAW audio software (Cubase SX, Logic, Nuendo etc.) at sample rates of up to 96kHz.

It connects to your computer via FireWire and the plug-ins are in AU, VST, and RTAS formats. The plug-ins on Duende are modeled on a SSL 9000K, and taken from the SSL C200 digital console. The Duende has exactly the same DSP SHARC chips as the large-format digital C-Consoles, so literally it is THE REAL SSL sound, not an “emulation”!

Duende’s Xlogic channel strip plug-in offers up to 32 discrete channels of SSL EQ and dynamics including: 4-band EQ, switchable characteristics between E and G series EQ, variable hi- and low pass filters, an “over easy” soft ratio compression characteristic, independent side-chains for compressor and expander/gate, plus a link bus option to connect individual channel strips. The Stereo Bus Compressor plug-in provides an accurate emulation of the classic SSL console Master Bus Compressor, whose punch and drive has formed a key element of many legendary recordings.

Included with Duende is www.mixbuss.com a unique online community service for SSL Duende users containing video tutorials, preset packs, audio samples and production tips from award-winning producers and engineers. mixbuss.com will be fully active at the moment of release of Duende.

SOLID STATE LOGIC (SSL) – DUENDE Suggested Retail Price around 1.500,- EURO. MAC Version – Available 2nd Quarter 2006, PCW Version – Available 3rd Quarter 2006


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