Monome starts shipping the … Monome

Monome is a collective community responsible for the Monome, a midicontroller with a grid of internally lit tactile pushbuttons. Each button has an internal light. Monome is a USB controller, with 8 rows of 8 illuminated silicone buttons powered with the mapd software (drum machines, loopers, 1bit video transformers, physics models, virtual sliders, math games, etc.) The controller receives and sends MIDI and OSC thru mapd.

Mapd is the routing application. It translates button presses to midi/osc, and receives midi/osc (from other applications or computers) to change lights on the hardware. Single or groups of buttons can be configured for different functionality, such as a toggle, hold and release, ramp, radio group, or virtual slider.

Monome is busy producing the first batch of 200 units of the Monome 40h. Two models exist:
40h – an 8 by 8 grid for a total of 64 elements.
100h – a 16 by 16 grid for a total of 256 elements.

The official release party is at asphodel in san francisco on april 21. Shipping will start very shortly after this. Price at the moment is set to $500 (Euro 420).

For more information on Monome, please visit their website.

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