Cycling74 releases UpMix

Cycling ’74, a San Francisco-based music software company, today released UpMix, a surround processing and mixing software package. UpMix has been developed and tested by a team of surround sound professionals and utilizes proprietary algorithms to convert stereo audio into an immersive 6-channel mix suitable for Film, DVD, HD Broadcast and Music surround formats.

The flagship plug-in, named UpMix, provides functionality that can speed the repurposing of stereo or mono audio content into a surround environment. By providing a number of algorithms and advanced positioning control, UpMix offers an easy way to expand an entire mix or individual elements of a mix into immersive surround tracks. Five additional plug-ins handle common surround mixing tasks:
* Rotator moves a 5.1 mix in a circular fashion—allowing the point of view to follow the on-screen action.
* ReRoute acts as a universal format router allowing the conversion of any 6 channel format to another.
* ReBalance provides a set of level controls for each of the 6 channels within an interleaved multichannel file or bus.
* FoldDown gives you the ability to check your surround mix in stereo, with standards-based center channel and surround channel gain reduction options.
* ReBalance is a simple set of level controls for each of the six surround channels.
* LFE-6chan is a low-frequency generator/enhancer for both individual tracks and entire mixes.

These tools provide an unprecedented level of control. When used as part of an engineer’s toolkit, they can aid in the creation of a deep, immersive mix. UpMix promises to be an innovative tool that increases productivity and ease in professional surround productions. UpMix is available for users of Pro Tools TDM (Macintosh OS X or Windows), Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase SX 3 (Macintosh OS X or Windows) and MOTU Digital Performer.
Price and Availability

UpMix MSRP US$495 (395 Euro) and is available from Cycling ’74 and its retail dealers and distributors.

Cycling ’74.

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