Rayspace updated to version 2.3.

Real-time impulse response designer gets update. RaySpace is a completely new acoustic room simulator. This unique reverb introduces the new DBT engine that creates fantastic surround-sound atmospheres. The characteristics of the room shape, height, positions and materials can all be adjusted in real-time, making RaySpace a very inspirational and spontanious tool. Combined with the 3D view and the parametric equaliser, the user is given the complete audio and visual feedback of room designs!

# An Impulse Response exporter. Up to 5 channels exported in 32 bit IEEE float format WAV or RAW. Use RaySpace designs in convolution reverbs.
# 5 Channel surround sound, RaySpace now incorporates centre speaker arrangements in 5.1 setups.
# Stereo Width control gives fine adjustments from a mono reverb to wide ‘beyond’ speaker position spreads.
# More sensitive metering on all channels.
# Free for all registered users since version 1

QuikQuak Rayspace.

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