FabFilter releases updates for total productline

FabFilter Releases FabFilter Twin 1.11, Volcano 1.13 and One 3.04 with Intel Mac support. The new versions contain bug fixes as well as improvements and new features. The OS X versions of the plug-ins are now Universal Binaries that can be used on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

* Added support for Intel Macs. FabFilter Twin, Volcano and One are now Universal Binaries that run on both PowerPC Mac and Intel Mac.
* Changed the OS X installers to install the plug-ins in the global Library plug-in folder instead of the users Library plug-in folder. When installing this new version, the old version will be deleted from the user library.
* Fixed a bug in all plug-ins that caused a crash when saving a preset outside the preset library (for example on the desktop).
* All plug-ins now use VST version 2.4 and/or AudioUnits version 1.4.3.
* Added parameter value display to both FabFilter Volcano and FabFilter One.
* Added Shift-drag knob fine tuning to both FabFilter Volcano and FabFilter One.
* Fixed license verification problems when running FabFilter Volcano or FabFilter One on Receptor.
* Added new presets to FabFilter Twins factory presets library. It now contains more than 800 sounds.
* Fixed a bug in FabFilter Twin that caused the automation of slot actions in the interface to fail when using the AudioUnits plug-in.
* Fixed a bug in FabFilter Twin that could caused glitches when synching an LFO to the host while using it for modulation purposes.
* Improved FabFilter Volcano’s filters to use less CPU and cause less CPU spikes on Intel processors.
* Added an envelope retrigger option to FabFilter Volcano.

The new versions are fully backwards-compatible with earlier versions and should load songs and presets written by the older version without any problems.


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