Joemeek releases MC2 Stereo Compressor

Joemeek announced this week they have begun shipping a new addition to their product line, the MC2 Stereo Compressor. Housed in a robust 1/2-rack chassis, the MC2 offers feature rich topology and impressive specifications at a surprisingly modest price point.

Features include Electronically Balanced Inputs and Outputs (will also accept unbalanced signals), and Side-chain Input, allowing for additional processing and frequency selective compression (when used with an equalizer). Front panel controls are available for Input Gain (with Peak LED), Compress (threshold), Slope (ratio), Attack, Release and Make Up Gain. Accurate monitoring of gain reduction and levels are achieved with 8 and 9 position LED’s, respectively.

Unique to the MC2 are additional features not found on any other product in this category. Gain Reduction Hold allows the suppression of unwanted noise and/or hiss in quiet passages by freezing gain reduction levels when the input signal drops below the compression threshold. A dual color LED indicates when Gain Reduction Hold is taking place. Stereo Width variably modifies the stereo image from mono, to normal stereo, to extra wide stereo by utilizing a mid/side technique. This method eliminates the loss of center and/or loss of bass common in other methods while retaining mono compatibility.

The MC2 is expected to sell for approximately €170 in Europe.


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