Liveslice update to version 1.4. releases version 1.4 of LiveSlice. The update features an improved look and feel, undo, keyboard shortcuts and much more. The upgrade is free and the price remains unaltered.

* keyboard shortcuts
* customizable colors
* multi level undo
* keyboard shortcuts
* select a range of events
* change parameters on all selected events simultaneously
* numerical display of parameter values while editing
* playback of individual slices from all tracks in an arrangement
* improved scanning for missing files, and posibility to browse for missing files
* responds to “All notes off” messages
* Snap to zero crossing re-enabled
* Auto slicing fine tuned
* sync playback to host (drum machine mode)
* locate slice feature
* now supports 32 bit IEEE float wave files
* support for “All notes off” midi controller (#123)
* workaround for ACID 6 bug (use manual sync mode)


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