Focusrite Liquid Mix flows into stores

Focusrite is proud to announce that the Liquid Mix, 32 channel DSP powered vintage EQ and Compressor plug-in system with dedicated control surface is now shipping. With Liquid Mix, 32 classic EQs and 32 vintage compressors can be run simultaneously in the mix – an impossible task to achieve with a host computers CPU alone. Already earning amazing reviews, Liquid Mix Mac OSX Version is now shipping worldwide with delivery of the PC version set for early in Q4.

Liquid Mix Highlights:
One of a kind – any Compressor and EQ in history
Every Liquid Mix channel uses dynamic convolution to provide 40 compressors and 20 EQs, with a free expanding library online.

Onboard DSP
32 Channels of Liquid Mix Compression and 32 EQs run off the desktop hardware’s own DSP – many more than are possible with CPU alone

Software and Hardware control
EQ and Compression can be applied via a hands-on control surface, or within DAW applications via a simple GUI.

Hybrid Super EQ creation
Unique 7-band super EQs can be created, constructed from different sections of classic EQs

Desktop Metering
Large format LED bar-graphs mean ergonomic display of levels and processor impact.

Optional Expansion Card
An optional DSP expansion card is available to increase the maximum channel count at higher sample rates.


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