Akai MPC500 not a hoax?

A few months back we heard the rumour about a new Akai MPC500. But at the Messe 2005 we saw not an MPC500 but an MPC2500. So was the story of the MPC500 a hoax?

According to our colleagues from MusicThing, the MPC500 is not a hoax.

They found this: NovaMusic now have a product page saying: “BREAKING NEWS!!New ultra portable MPC available late October” and taking pre-orders, quoting a price of $1099, reduced to $799.

We have contacted Akai about this, so stay tuned!



Well, after looking at the image again more clearly, we found an amazing resemblance with a certain product made by Sony. Yes, a portable playstation. Just see for yourself!

So the image is a hoax – but is there a reason for rumours around an upcoming MPC500?

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