Eventide introduces new software upgrade for H8000FW

Eventide today announced version 5.2 software for its TEC award nominated digital processor: the H8000FW. Available in October, version 5.2 is designed to give engineers and artists alike additional tools for sound creation, and adds over 100 new programs.

The addition of seven new modules brings the total number of effects modules available to 249. These modules constitute the building blocks for creating your own unique effects, either from the front panel, or with the supplied programming tools VSIG and VSIG X. These new modules include: Audiomux – an audio crossbar router designed for surround sound and other complex routings; Compressor – a new compressor with enhanced performance capabilities; Delay_XF – a crossfading multitap delay with modulation and gain; EQS – true double precision series EQ with a myriad of filter shapes and with glitch-free parameter changes; H3000Osc – the function generator from the H3000, providing a plethora of modulation sources (nineteen in all) such as ramp, sine, triangle, peak, square, S&H, random, MIDI, and many more; Moddetun – a pitch detune module with modulation capability; and Overload – an overload indicator for detecting overloads from within a signal path.

Scheduled for release by the end of October 2006, version 5.2 pushes the number of programs included in the H8000FW to 1,800. For H8000FW owners, the upgrade is a free download for registered users, or $99 on a flash memory card from Eventide.

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