Gearjunkies will manage dutch DJ forum

As of today, the dutch internetforum will be managed by Gearjunkies. Together with Gearjunkies, has decided to pass on the forum to Gearjunkies. This ends a period of uncertainty of what would happen with the site, and clears the path to a bright future of the leading discussion forum for dutch DJs.

The choice for Gearjunkies is based on the vision of Gearjunkies to develop a community based on innovation for people and gear for electronic music production and DJs. is focussed on DJs and as such fits the target audience of Gearjunkies perfectly.

Gearjunkies shall integrate fully into Gearjunkies.Network, but first the will be polished and upgraded to become up to spec with the latest developments. Current developments of Gearjunkies 2.0 allow for a loosely integrated dutch DJ-forum to exist alongside other Gearjunkies websites to become part of the bigger Gearjunkies community. The integration will also visualize the direction that Gearjunkies is following towards the future. is a dutch internet forum that can be found at

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