Update for Melodyne studio and cre8

Celemony has released a new update for Melodyne studio and cre8. Version 3.1.1 is a service update that fixes some minor bugs and generally improves the workflow.

Release Notes to service update 3.1.1. Improvements:
– Detection can now be switched between MS-Mode (default) and ‘normal’ stereo (to be set as an option under Preferences). This option allows better handling of files that have no mid/side components, eg. play-along files, where left and right side are completely independent. MS-Mode (the one, that was the only mode before) leads to crosstalk in such cases, but gives you better results in time-stretching of ‘normal’ files.
– If using Melodyne with iLok, there’s no need to type in the serial number any more.
– MelodyneBridge supports offline-rendering now (as it’s done by certain hosts).
– RAM usage of MSL (Melodyne Sound Library) files has been improved, working with these files is much smoother now.

Bug Fixes:
– In some circumstances batch-detecting many files (100+) could lead to a crash.
– [Win XP] During batch-detection switching to the desktop could make Melodyne stop the detection or even freeze.

– “Revert and reset position” could lead to a crash (very short files only).
– Sometimes double-click with the modulation tool could lead to a crash.

– Added tracks now adapt to the name of the audio files dragged to them.
– [OS X] Some window constellations (i. e. certain error messages popping up) could lock each other and the program had to be killed.

– The presets of the built-in Podolski synth are installed properly again.
– When running the Waves Transform Bundle, Melodyne could crash.

– The EQ setting is now displayed correctly on the screen when controlled via MIDI remote.
– After removing and reconnecting the MIDI interface, it is still recognized now.

Loading files:
– Monitoring sound files from the Melody Manager can now be done using any output of the audio interface (was output 1/2 only before).
– Importing certain polyphonic audio files could lead to a crash.
– [Win] Loading certain WAV files could lead to a crash.
– Loading certain longer AIF files could lead to a crash.

Saving files:
– Exporting audio now saves all selected tracks no matter if the editor window is still up in front.
– Names may now contain slashes “/” and colons “:” (this could lead to crashes before).
– Saving could lead to a crash when files were overwritten.

– Running as a ReWire client under Logic Pro, Melodyne could crash when notes were deleted.

– When running with Sonar 5, creating multiple harmonies could make Melodyne crash.

– When running in MTC sync, Melodyne could crash.

– You don’t have to type in your serial number any more after you’ve changed the license method going back from iLok to challenge/response again.
– Switching between cre8 and studio by switching iLoks doesn’t lead to crashes any more (but still is not really a recommended thing to do).

Known issues:
– Broadcast WAV Time Stamps
– Melodyne doesn’t recognize time stamps in broadcast WAV files. It can load and save such files, but the time stamps get lost.
– ReWire connection with Sonar 5
– Running as a ReWire client under Sonar 5.2, changing cycle start oder end during playback might lead to unexpected results. In such cases you have to stop playback before you change the cycle point.


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